Unlocking The Expert In You


Consider the experts you know in your life— particularly those who are experts in the area you are interested in. What makes them an expert? If you can, research to figure out the journey of those experts you admire. Success leaves clues, and you’ll probably be surprised by what you find. You’ll probably find that there isn’t anything really different or special about these experts. They are people, just like you, who became dedicated to their topic, just like you can.

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We all have an idea in our mind of what makes an expert. For most of us, the idea of becoming one ourselves seems somewhat unattainable. Those “experts” are way too far out of reach for the average person, right? They’re the people who eat, sleep and breathe their topic. They’ve spent a lifetime getting to where they are. That kind of success, that kind of expertise, is untouchable.

But, I challenge you to think about what expertise really is. What does it really mean to be an expert? Do you have to be near the grave after a lifetime of study before you can be considered an expert? Do you really need to spend 10,000 hours studying something to be an expert on it? I don’t think so— I think that’s very far from the truth, actually.

I’ll even go as far as to say that I believe anyone can become an expert on any topic. In many cases, you can achieve a certain level of expertise in as little as a month. It’s time to change your mindset about expertise. If you want to become an expert on a topic, you can.

We’re going to talk a lot about why you want to become an expert and what you hope to achieve. There has to be a benefit waiting for you on the other side of this or you’re not likely to have the level of dedication you need to have.

For now, though, we’re going to talk about what it means to be an expert. The definition you have in your mind of what an expert is is a result of the experts you’ve known and the things you’ve been told about expertise. Much of what you’ve been told isn’t true at all.




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